Intensive A.I.



Intensive A.I.

Ingredients:Aqua, Aesculus hippocastanum extract, Malva Silvestris extract, Arnica montana extract, Hamamelis extract, Ruscus acualetus extract…

Redness, erythro-couperosis and non inflammatory rosacea. Advanced Skin Care Treatment Solutions for Control Redness and Rosacea.
Though the battle against rosacea is not easy, it is definitely worth fighting. Expect to spend a bit of time trying different treatments, but you are likely to find something that relieves the problem immensely.
If you suffer from frequent flare-ups and the annoying redness and blotchiness associated with Rosacea, do not wait any longer. LOVEISDERMA A.I has created the Skin Support System specifically for your type of skin. Every treatment is Doctor-formulated, highly researched and people-tested for effectiveness.

Directions For Use:
Apply a slight layer of cream twice a day on the area to be treated. Avoid the eye area.